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Finding a great job in the food and beverage manufacturing industry takes time, effort, and a whole lot of work – especially if you’re going it alone. Recruiters have sprung up in nearly every industry, and have provided the very valuable service of connecting employers with potential employees. A great recruiter can streamline your job search and hook you up with interviews for the food production jobs you’re really interested in.

While there are many great recruiters out there, you’ll find nearly as many who are no better than slick salesmen out for the biggest possible commission. These guys are smooth, fast-talkers who know how to make a great pitch. Unfortunately, they’ll rarely deliver on all of their big promises.

What Makes a Shoddy Recruiter?

Typically, shoddy recruiters are the product of shoddy recruitment agencies. Recruiters who work for these agencies often have mandatory call requirements and are pushed to make placements regardless of the long term outcome. They’re trained to build up an inventory of candidates – even if they don’t have any real openings to offer. Because they want your information on file, they’ll throw out some tasty promises without ever offering any specifics.

If you’ve had your time wasted by unscrupulous recruiters, you know how frustrating it can be – and you’re probably determined not to let it happen again. Fortunately, bad recruiters are pretty easy to spot. Here are five “red flags” to watch out for as you navigate the job market.

Red Flag #1: A Recruiter is Charging YOU

If a recruiter tries to charge you a fee in order to represent you, that’s a huge red flag. Recruiters’ fees are ALWAYS paid by the hiring company – never the employee. No matter how many promises and grand claims the recruiter makes, you should never have to pay for their services.

Red Flag #2: A Recruiter is Cagey with Details

If a recruiter calls you with a “great” opportunity, they should be willing to divulge details. While some jobs are confidential, the vast majority are not. If they aren’t willing to tell you the name of the company they are recruiting for, there’s a chance that they are simply building inventory.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out which company are looking to hire, what the job requirements are, and even try to find out the name of the hiring manager (though you shouldn’t be surprised if this last one isn’t answered). Recruiters with real jobs will have defined requirements, specific details, and a defined salary range. If you can’t get any real info from a recruiter, don’t be afraid to walk away.

Red Flag #3: A Recruiter is Wildly Overconfident

Is a recruiter over-selling a position? Are they more confident in your hire-ability than you are? If a recruiter is brash and overconfident, they may just be feeding you a lot of hot air. Remember that the recruiter doesn’t ever make the hiring decision. Typically, Recruiters have little impact on the outcome of the search after presenting the candidate to the company. A good recruiter will be honest about your options and they won’t make promises that they can’t keep.

Red Flag #4: A Recruiter is Pressuring You to Accept Certain Jobs

Because contingency recruiters work on 100% commission, some shoddy recruiters will try to steer candidates toward more lucrative positions – even if those positions aren’t in line with your career goals. It’s usually a waste of time trying to fit a “square peg in a round hole”. When you work with a recruiter, you should always feel like they are working in your best interest.

Red Flag #5: A Recruiter is Asking WAY Too Many Questions

There are questions that employers are not allowed to ask, according to EEO standards. Unfortunately, some try to bypass those regulations by getting recruiters to ask the questions for them. For example, say an employer only wants to hire an unmarried female without kids, under 40 years old, etc. etc. Any of these questions would throw up a serious red flag if the employer were to ask directly; however, shoddy recruiters may try to ferret out very personal information in order to fill a requested profile.

If it seems like a recruiter is just gathering information, proceed with caution. You should never be hired or rejected on the basis of age, weight, race, health or marital status.

On the Bright Side…

You’ve come to the right place. Our Recruiters have decades of recruitment experience in our industry! We’ve built FoodEmploymentStaffing.com as a full service staffing agency and FoodEmployment.com as our industry specific job board so our goal is to serve industry employers and job seekers alike. Along with our niche job board and career center, we also have recruiters who specialize in the food, beverage, ingredient and flavor industries. Their goal is to fill these industry jobs on a contingency and retained basis.

By working closely with our clients, we are able to build lasting relationships and provide the very best solutions. Whether you are searching for that perfect food production job or you’re looking to fill positions in your company for food product development jobs, our resources and our recruiters will help you to reach those goals faster.

For additional information contact John Scerbo at FoodEmployment - 239-839-2914

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